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"I have been banned or restricted by almost all bookmakers. However, I continued with my analyses and discovered my true passion by providing tips to the BelogoSports community!" - Sergej B., Founder of BelogoSports

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The BelogoSports System

With the right informations, we provide you with an advantage over the bookmaker.

The BelogoSports System is built upon over 16 years of sports betting analysis work.

After dedicating over 10,000 hours to analyzing game matches and odds, we have developed the ability to identify errors in bookmakers‘ odds.

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Wherever humans are involved, mistakes happen.

At betting providers, this leads to odds that are either overestimated or don’t match the current course of the game.

We are searching for these anomalies and share them with the BelogoSports community.

Our members place bets with various betting providers and compare our predictions and tips with the offered odds.

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We have now grown into one of the largest sports betting tips communities.

In the coming years, we will expand our successful system in tennis, basketball, rugby, and table tennis to other sports.

Now you can also test the BelogoSports system for free or jump right into our VIP membership.

We are experts in these sports

In tennis, there is always a winner. A draw is not possible and does not need to be included in the analysis. Tennis is also an individual sport, making it easier to analyze individual players rather than an entire team. The current fitness level of the player is not heavily taken into account by betting providers, which can create good opportunities. Learn more about the tennis betting strategy.

In basketball, there is always a winner. If the game ends in a tie at the end of regular time, there is always overtime. Basketball involves a high scoring system. With the handicap feature, numerous opportunities arise. A detailed analysis of the ongoing game development also presents several possibilities. Learn more about basketball betting strategies. 

Rugby is a team sport. In our analysis, the performance of individual players is not emphasized as much as in tennis and table tennis. In rugby, the home advantage plays a significant role, which is often not taken into account in odds. The actual strength of a team is often underestimated by bookmakers, leading to profitable odds.

Table tennis is our latest sport, which has performed similarly well to tennis so far. There is always a winner here too. Numerous matches are played in table tennis every day. By carefully analyzing player statistics before the match and comparing them with their current performance, profitable betting opportunities often arise. Learn more about the table tennis betting strategy.


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The subscription can be canceled at any time

What are the odds?

Picks only with odds over 1.6

Due to the bookmakers‘ margin, it’s not always possible to gain an advantage with every odds. Therefore, we focus on higher odds where we believe there is a clear miscalculation. With higher chances of winning, our members increase their number of successful bets.

However, certain game scenarios can cause odds to change temporarily and become highly profitable all of a sudden. For live betting, we also place bets on higher odds, which can reach double digits.

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What our VIP Members say about BelogoSports VIP

We have a substantial number of long-standing VIP members who have been with us for many years.

Become a VIP member now and let our predictions convince you!

More than 16 years of Sportsbetting

Sergej B.: My BelogoSports Story and Future


Starting with sports betting

While studying, I discovered the concept of sports betting with a predictable risk for the first time. It didn’t take me long to create my own system, enabling me to gain an edge and generate a substantial income.


Restriction of betting providers due to excessively high winning rates

As a result of my consistent success, it wasn’t long before I caught the attention of betting providers. In 2010, most of them decided to ban me outright, while others imposed severe limitations on my betting activities.


Beginning of the BelogoSports Community Tips

I realized that my true calling lays in analyzing sports bets. Thus, in 2011, I made the conscious choice to share my tips and establish the BelogoSports community.


Commencement of the BelogoSports VIP Membership

As our community continues to grow, it became increasingly difficult to distribute my tips through conventional means of communication. Since 2016, I have been providing a VIP WhatsApp Service, enabling me to send forecasts directly to the mobile phones of BelogoSports members.


Specialization in tennis, basketball, and rugby

To ensure my members receive the most accurate predictions, I have focused my offerings since 2017 on sports that yield the highest profits. These sports include tennis, basketball, and rugby.


Specialization in table tennis

The table tennis predictions originated due to the limited availability of sports during the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of all the sports offered, table tennis has proven to be a highly profitable one. Considering its significant profitability, table tennis has been granted a separate, exclusive membership.


Specialization in emerging sports and training in analysis

We will be adding more sports to the BelogoSports VIP membership by next year. The BelogoSports system can be applied to various sports due to the inevitability of human errors in any setting. Moreover, starting in 2023, we will provide the BelogoSports Analysis Training, allowing you to conduct your own analyses.

Return Policy

60 Days Return Policy

At Belogo Sports, we stand by the quality of our VIP Membership and aim to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We understand that our VIP Membership may not always meet your needs or expectations, hence we provide a flexible return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your Belogo Sports VIP Membership, you can request a return within 60 days of your purchase date.

Our 60-day return policy allows you to assess the value and benefits of our VIP Membership without any risk. If you feel that our membership does not meet your needs for any reason, simply contact the Digistore24 support to initiate the return process.

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